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1. Eliminate the bad foods. (I'll email those to you.) 

2. Start taking the right supplements for your ailment.  Get our free list of ailments & remedies.  We've addressed 200+ ailments on this list, and the supplements you can take to address those ailments.  


John Finger, Attorney

​​​            3.  Spread the word, and get paid for it!  

  • Answer me this question: What's most important to you?  Health? Money? Time?
  • We can help you with all 3.  
  • Health: we can help you reverse your health ailments.  You start that by requesting our free list of ailments & remedies. 
  • Money: if you job is unstable or sucks, you join us and put US in charge of contacting people you know and love to help them with their health or money problems.  When they order, YOU GET PAID!
  • Time: you don't have it. Understood.  Put us in touch with those you love, and let us do the work!   

Hundreds of Thousands of People Have Discovered A Better Way to Health

  • The problem with your job is that there's no leverage: you go there, you get paid, you go home.  If you don't work, you don't get paid.  The key to every fortune is leverage: you get paid off the efforts of others. Your boss makes more than you because your boss leverages your hours to benefit hers.  Now you can do the same: make money whether you work or not!  This happens for me, and it can happen for you, too. Join us, enroll just 4 good people by bringing them to our meetings, and watch what happens!

Weekly Meetings:

Pueblo: The Hangar, 100 W. 23rd St., Thursdays, 12pm;  and 6:30pm at 226 1/2 S. Union Ave. (we serve free beverages)

Let's expand!  

We used to meet in Colorado Springs, but they flopped. It's time to start them again. 


I used to get sick 4 times a year. Now it's rare. I used to have horrible summertime allergies.  They're gone.  I used to have floaters in my vision.  Bye-bye.  I have energy all day long and can work or play as much as I want.  Others my age complain about their health problems.  I don't.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But if I'm under the weather, how much do I earn from my law practice?  I don't worry about getting sick before court or a meeting.  To me, it's much more than a coincidence.  It's living a good life.  And I make money when others like you choose to join me.  You can do the same.  

I make more from my law practice than health, so why do health? Because 1. it works; and 2. the health business brings residual income, which all of us need, especially if you're self-employed.   

How secure is your job?  This could be your Plan B, like it is for me. 

See videos at our YouTube channel, which have generated over a half-million views.  

If you've read this far, then look at more videos and information here.  And hey: how often can you talk to a lawyer for free?