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lANDLORDS!  ​You're Not Alone

Suit and Tie for court; grubbies when possible

What happens when you pass on?

Will your loved-ones know what to do?  Have you planned on who gets the '68 Camaro or Grandma's wedding band?  What if you're disabled & can no longer speak for yourself?  Get the Finger on it now and don't worry about it later.  



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I don't just practice landlord-tenant law: I experience it!  Every day.  I'm a landlord, too. Get the Finger on it now. I'll help you get rid of the problem and add some advice that only comes with experience.   If you're a tenant, you'd better have a really, really, REALLY ​scuzzy landlord if you want me to represent you. 

John Finger was selected as the Best Attorney in Pueblo for 2018 and by his peers as a top landlord-tenant attorney in Colorado Springs Style Magazine's January 2019 issue.  



John Finger, Attorney