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Outside of my law practice and real estate, I'm involved with three areas which may be of help to those of you who own a small business in the United States: 

1. Business Loans

​So you've tried getting a loan from your bank or credit union in order to expand your premises, buy equipment, do more advertising  or embark on a new project.  After a month of waiting, you get a "no." You're not alone.  80% of small businesses are declined.  What do you do about it?  Apply for a loan with David Allen Capital.  Loan sizes are $10,000 to $1,000,000, and you could have your funds in as little as 1-2 business days.  We work with alternate lenders: when the bank says no, these lenders often say yes. You have to meet 5 criteria: 

     a. In business for at least 4 months.

     b. At least $10,000 in monthly sales. 

​     c. At least $100,000 in annual sales. 

     d. At least three deposits in sales to your business checking account every month. 

     e. Your business is in the United States. 

     f.  Your credit score is 500+, no recent bad checks. 

 Since I'm an attorney, I also want to give you the disadvantages of this program: 

     a. This method is probably more expensive that what you'd get at a bank. So you'll want to apply with us if the bank says no. 

     b. The payback is made electronically from your checking account a little bit each business day.  So the book-keeping is a pain. 

After reviewing this, click here to apply for free. 

​2. Payment Processing

I started accepting credit/debit card payments at my law practice a few years ago, and it was a game-changer.  A customer calls you and gives you the card info right over the phone. Or you prepare a bill and email to your customer for payment.  Or, if you have a store, have your customer pay with point-of-sale equipment that we provide.  2-3 business days later, the money is in your account. You can also mark up your sale so that the customer pays the transaction fees. Our processor can even divide up payment to one account while deducting your fees from another account (good for attorneys and others with trust accounts).  If you don't currently accept credit/debit card payments but want to, apply with us.  There is one disadvantage: if you take in less than $3,000 in monthly gross card sales, you should keep your current payment processor: ours won't be cost-effective in that case.  

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3. Healthcare Solutions for You and Your Employees

Most small businesses don't offer health benefits due to the out-of-control premiums and a mandate that employers pick up so much of the cost.  As a result, less-than-full-time employees have no health coverage at all and roll the dice that they won't go bankrupt with medical bills.  We treat both problems at once: you can offer health benefits to your employees and have them pay some or all of the costs.  Our program is both ERISA- and Affordable-Care-Act-Compliant.  You must have at least two employees in your business to qualify. Look at all these goodies that come with the program: 

a. Zero-deductible. 

b. First-dollar coverage. 

c. No medical underwriting. 

d. No pre-existing condition exclusions.  You read that right.  

e. Largest nationwide preferred provider network. 

f. Flexible - practical - affordable.

g. Use it to attract and retain valuable employees. 

h. Return of available unused claim funds.  So, if you don't use the benefits within the policy year, they're credited back to you. 

i. Employer plan can be enrolled anytime of the year. 

j. Employer sets their own contribution level.  So pay what you want, and let the employee pay the rest by withholding.  

k. Discount prescription medications at participating pharmacies.

You can review all three plans here.  

There is one disadvantage of enrolling with these programs, and it's big: there's a maximum benefit which won't protect you in the event of a catastrophic loss, such as with a heart attack or cancer.  The maximum benefit under one of our programs is $40,000.  But the comeback to that disadvantage is that most claims are nowhere near that high, and you can purchase a catastrophic health insurance policy from another company to protect against that loss.  

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If you're looking for extra income, you can enroll for free as an agent, promote these programs and get paid when businesses enroll.