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I would highly recommend Attorney John Finger; he was extremely through, patient and detailed while assisting me through a difficult legal issue. I found John to be of impeccable moral character, highly trustworthy, and qualified in the legal responsibilities to handle my case. With his guidance and expert negotiating skills, we were able to settle my case out of court and avoid any further litigation and court costs.
-Melanie Sena, Allen Insurance Services, (719) 250-0270

To Fellow Investors and Landlords:
    Many times I have tried to tackle the time consuming and aggravating efforts in getting Tenants out of my Rentals. After reaching for a bottle of aspirin again, I decide to call a dear friend who owns rental properties and asked for advise. "John Finger", he said with confidence. I reached for my pen and paper and wrote down this valuable, life saving and God sent phone number of  Attorney John Finger. What a day I will never regret or forget. From here forward, when I have any questions or problems, Attorney John Finger has been my answer. Five stars..six stars..there are Not enough stars to give John Finger. He is professional, reliable, competent, reasonable and personal. I have recommended him over and over and have received many "thank you's" from my fellow Investors. I will keep recommending him, for all I get is satisfaction, every time!

-Sheryl Gaasch, All Royal Properties,LLC

hi john .si megustaria si usded me ajuda a escribirlo yo con mucho gusto me gustaria es presar mis esperencias trabajando con usted muchas gracias por la invitacion.

-Antonio Duran, Duran's Painting, Inc. , (719) 491-5096

As a Realtor, I have asked John Finger to write several contracts for me and I'm very pleased with his work. He really took the time to put together a well thought contract that protects me and my company. John Finger is always listening to my needs and has excellent advise when it comes to business. I'm definitely happy to have him on my side ! Lately he has put together a "babysitter" contract for me and even though this was probably an unusual request for him, I feel like he did an excellent job and covered pretty much everything that could happen. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a serious Attorney.

-Geraldine B

John's work for our company has been invaluable.  He's assisted with numerous issues related to tenant/landlord contracts, and other general legal issues.  He has been available to either take and handle an issue to conclusion, or simply provide advice on how to move forward in a situation.  I highly recommend John Finger - his pricing is fair, he is extremely responsive, and his advice is spot on, and actionable.  
-Andy Shinn - AY Realty LLC

To Whom It May Concern:
John has been our real estate attorney for a number of years. As real estate investors we have many different requirements for a real estate attorney. All of the legal issues we have had to deal with, John easily accomplished. These include evictions, land trusts, deeds, contracts, and foreclosures. John is very approachable, both literally and figuratively. When you call him, you talk to him directly, and what you have to say in laymen’s terms, he can interpret and translate into legalese. He is very friendly and easy to talk to, and is very direct about solutions to your concerns. We genuinely recommend John Finger as a real estate attorney.
Steve & Dee Karr

I have been a landlord for many years and from time to time found myself embattled with tenants.  I've used John's services several times with excellent success.  He has represented me honestly and fairly and I would highly recommend him.  He is definitely my first choice.


             John Finger’s quick-thinking experienced legal council is vital to creating, structuring and closing Colorado real estate transactions with success, and safety.

             John is a valuable asset to my discounted note, mortgage and real estate investing. He’s provided legal services at a fair price and timely manor. Most importantly, legal council confirming my IRA transactions observe DOL rules/regulations as well as compliance with Dodd-Frank for my investing success, and safety.

             Seasoned investors agree it’s a good thing when your real estate attorney is an ‘in-the-field” investor just like you. Yes, John would be a good hire… After all, he fought the law and won.

-Kent Anderson, Private Investor…

                                         Black Forest, Colorado

"John offers professionalism and excellent communication. He is thorough and detailed. My husband and I both appreciated John’s skills and negotiation approach. Very helpful!"

-Renee Hassebroek, RE/MAX Associates, Pueblo, CO, (719) 582-6644

I want to thank you for all your support and guidance in this terrible situation. We would not have been able to get through this without your help.

-Linda M, Landlord who had to evict some very tough tenants