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John Finger, Attorney

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Contracts. ‚ÄčI'll review or write your contract, everything from tenants to babysitters.  If you're selling your property or buying one, I can write the contract and guide it right through closing.  

‚ÄčLand Trusts. Another tool to help you as you accumulate and hold properties.  

Powers of Attorney. General powers of attorney, special powers, medical powers, durable powers.  Name it, I do it.  

Most of John's practice takes place in El Paso and Pueblo counties, Colorado.  He has done cases in Crowley, Huerfano and Las Animas counties and wants to expand his practice into Douglas County.  

Evictions. Most tenants are just fine, pay their rent and take care of the place.  But sometimes you get people who just don't follow the rules.  I've been a landlord since 1996 and take the process from beginning to end.  I've done a ton of evictions.  In El Paso County, the attorney fee is $360.00 through the return of service.  In Pueblo County, the attorney fee is $300.00 through the return of service.  Add the service fee (usually around $65.00, depending on the number of tenants) and court fees ($103.85).  If your case goes beyond the return of service, we bill at our hourly rate.  All fees must be paid when you start; we don't break them up. 

Foreclosures. Here's what happens: you sell your home to some nice people and agree to hold the financing because you want to help them out. They're supposed to pay you a monthly check.  Then they stop.  Then I start (work, that is!). 

Wills. Don't put this one off; if you're dead or incapacitated, it's too late to say who gets what.  So take care of this now.  I also do living wills.  I can also come to you if you're disabled. 

Corporations and LLCs. A great way to build up and help protect a substantial amount of properties.