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1. Eliminate the bad foods. (I'll email those to you.) 

2. Start taking the right supplements for your ailment.  Get our free list of ailments & remedies.  We've addressed 200+ ailments on this list, and the supplements you can take to address those ailments.  


Weekly Meetings:

Pueblo: The Hangar, 100 W. 23rd St., Thursdays, 12pm;  and 6:30pm at 226 1/2 S. Union Ave. (we serve free beverages)

Let's expand!  

We used to meet in Colorado Springs, but they flopped. It's time to start them again. 

What are we going to do about COVID-19?

I don't know about you, but I'm NOT just going to stay at home.  Staying at home leads to depression, anxiety, domestic abuse and a whole list of illnesses.  My job requires me to get out: to go to court, to meet people, etc.  We all go shopping, too.  Being cooped up is no way to live, even during a pandemic.  

Does wearing a mask work?  I don't know, since I'm not a medical doctor.  But what I CAN say about masks is that they prevent you from getting fresh oxygen with every breath.  You're breathing your own carbon dioxide.  That's troublesome for people with pre-existing conditions, especially respiratory conditions.  And, here in Colorado, COVID-19 positive tests have shot up in spite of the governor's mask mandate.  

Here's what I do, and both steps are equally important.  Again, this is what I do for myself; I'm not recommending it for you, so don't blame me for the consequences.  Take it for what it's worth.  

1. I build up my immune system.  Building it up properly is like putting a shield up around yourself.  Part of that shield is getting enough Vitamin D.  I get some Vitamin D by going out in the sun.  That's free.  I get the rest of it by supplementing with the 90 essential nutrients that the body needs every day.  I get that from the Healthy Body Start Pak (HSP).  I add to that i26 Hyperimmune Egg. I've taken the HSP every day since 2012.  I've taken the i26 every day since 2016.  Even though they're from 2 separate companies, they work together very well: i26 gets the bad bacteria out, while the orange drink from the HSP puts the good bacteria in.  I'm currently adding the Ultimate Selenium to the mix, which may reverse my gray hair.   Understand that there's no guarantees in any of this stuff; even a shield can be penetrated.  This stuff is just what I take to remain healthy.  If I want to continue the fight against Gov. Polis (See Attorney page) while going to court, meeting clients and handling a busy schedule, I need to remain healthy.  You do what you want.  

2. Herd immunity.  The hero in the COVID crisis is sadly not the United States.  It's Sweden.  Herd immunity means treating adults like adults: you let people live their daily lives.  You manage your own affairs, rather than the government managing them for you.  By Sweden leaving people alone (for the most part), their economy has performed much stronger than the rest of the world while experiencing about an average rate of COVID-19 infections.  Locking economies down destroys those economies; that's a 100% guarantee.  Letting people live their lives and taking responsibility for themselves at least gives them a fighting chance to survive in tough times like these.  Yes, Sweden has deaths from COVID-19 as well, but the country doesn't destroy people's lives.  But I won't just go out without doing BOTH of these steps.  Again, it's my opinion.  You do what you want.   


I used to get sick 4 times a year. Now it's rare. I used to have horrible summertime allergies.  They're gone.  I used to have floaters in my vision.  Bye-bye.  I have energy all day long and can work or play as much as I want.  Others my age complain about their health problems.  I don't.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But if I'm under the weather, how much do I earn from my law practice?  I don't worry about getting sick before court or a meeting.  To me, it's much more than a coincidence.  It's living a good life.  And I make money when others like you choose to join me.  You can do the same.  

I make more from my law practice than health, so why do health? Because 1. it works; and 2. the health business brings residual income, which all of us need, especially if you're self-employed.   

How secure is your job?  This could be your Plan B, like it is for me. 

See videos at our YouTube channel, which have generated over a half-million views.  

If you've read this far, then look at more videos and information here.  And hey: how often can you talk to a lawyer for free?